Agenda Calendar 4 AppI’ve spent more on calendar apps for my smart phone and tablet over the years, than on all my other apps put together. That’s because I rely very heavily on my calendar. As my wife will attest, if something isn’t in my calendar, odds are it won’t happen.

Trouble with all of them is they look good in the description, but after using them for a week, they’re no better than the other ones I’ve tried. To be fair many of these apps have nice functionality, but when you use them on a small-screen smart phone while you are trying to find an available time to meet and the person is standing in front of you – they fall flat.

Last week I bought another one called Agenda 4 Calendar for $1.99 at the App Store. It’s the best calendar app I’ve seen for the iPhone (Android version is available, but it’s a version or two behind and that could make a difference). It doesn’t work like any of the other ones – it’s almost completely gesture driven, so you swipe in different directions to get things done.

If you use your iPhone calendar a lot, check this out. Best $2 I’ve spent on an app and hopefully the last calendar app I’ll be buying. Yes, I know – I’ve said that before.

Find out more and watch the video by clicking here.