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Last week a friend asked me to recommend a photo sharing program for one of her volunteer groups. So that got me thinking, and thanks to Virginia Schmidt of Commtrol for this one.

google-photosBecause of today’s smart phones we are taking more photos than ever before.  I know people who have tens of thousands of photos, all stored on their phone.

That poses two big problems:

What happens when that phone gets lost, stolen or dropped?

How can you possibly find that one particular photo quickly and easily while you’re talking to someone?  The solution to both is a free and absolutely amazing service introduced by Google a few weeks ago, called Google Photos.

It automatically backs up everything for you.  It lets you manage them from any Android or Apple device, and of course from your desktop and tablet.

Many of us have used photo sharing programs before like Picasa, but that was in the old days (a year or two ago). Once you see the amazing features that are packed into Google Photos you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Why? Here are a few of its features (besides storing and displaying your photos of course).

1. Advanced facial/image recognition. Find photos by what’s in them! Looking for that photo of your pup? Just tap “dog” or the place you took it to find it faster.

2. Memories that come to life. Google Photos instantly transforms still photos into rich stories, movies, and animations.

3. Add movement. Upload a sequence of five or more photos and get a fun, animated GIF.

4. Get professional-looking movies. Related photos and videos are instantly combined into a professional-looking movie with a matching soundtrack.

5. See the whole story. The best photos and videos from your adventures become a beautiful, interactive timeline, complete with the locations you visited.

6. Capture the full scene. Upload three or more photos to get a sweeping, perfectly stitched panorama.

Here are a few links to get you started:

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