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Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time.

Most people I know deal with this in one of two ways.  Some write their to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, or on random scraps of paper. Those who manage tasks electronically tend to most often use Outlook.  That’s been me for years and years – until now.

There’s a MUCH better way to manage all of your tasks.  It’s free and is available online in your browser, on iPhones, iPads, all Android devices and Blackberrys.  It’s loaded with features you never imagined, including automatically sending you reminders via email and text.  If you have an iPhone you can use Siri to create tasks by speaking.  Best of all is that it syncs with all of your devices to keep everything up to date, and it integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter and Evernote.  AND for an inexpensive upgrade to the Pro version ($25 per year) it integrates with and syncs with Outlook!

Remember the Milk is one of the oldest and most popular task managers around, with over four million people now using it to stay organized!

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