Dark Sky

Dark-SkyA year and a half ago I reviewed a new kind of weather app that used state-of-the-art weather forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow – down to the minute – at your exact location!!!

That app, Dark Sky, is still around and I’ve been loyally using it ever since.  Pretty cool to tell people it’s going to start thundering in 2 minutes – and to be right.

Dark Sky uses a custom weather prediction system to give you precise forecasts for your exact location. You can get a notification just minutes before the rain starts, along with a prediction for the next hour and a standard in-depth daily forecast.

The reason I’m mentioning this app again is that they just released a major update to it. Dark Sky has added crowdsourced weather data to the mix. By sending pressure sensor data from iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users who opt in (usually used by your phone to tell how many floors you walk up in a day), Dark Sky’s powerful Forecast engine can add that data to its weather models for even more accurate forecasts.

Users can also submit a weather report, letting the Dark Sky team know if there’s cloud cover, rain, lightning, fog or other weather details. Dark Sky will use this data to improve its forecast engine, as it currently relies on scattered government-run weather stations to verify its predictions.

Dark Sky costs $3.99 and is only available for now on iPhones, iPads and iWatches. They claim to be coming out with an Android version, but nothing yet.  Either look it up in the Apple Store or read more about it here.