184I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to have easy access to their documents, files, videos and photos no matter where they are.  And yet, few of us have figured out how to do that – simply and inexpensively.

The answer is a free online service called Dropbox. Go to http://dropbox.com and create your account. Then download and install the program onto your office computer and login. Do the same from your smart phone, tablet, and home computer.

Next time you want to save a copy of a contract or a spreadsheet, open up “My Computer”, double click “Dropbox”, and save it. Once installed on your computer, Dropbox appears just like any other drive or folder on your network. So, how do you retrieve or view that same spreadsheet on your iPhone? Just open up Dropbox on the iPhone. Select the folder where you saved the spreadsheet, and tap on it. It’s that simple. There’s no worrying about how to synchronize files. Just save a document somewhere, and then pull it up on a different computer. And let’s say that you are in a hotel business center and have to use their computer. Go to www.dropbox.com, login with your credentials, and download your file.

Easy – Convenient – Free. Does it get any better?