33Many organizations have some very old computers that should be replaced sooner, rather than later. But the thought of spending $600 to $1,000 for each, in this economy, is reason enough to wait.

There’s an option that no computer store will tell you about, that can save you a LOT of money — quality, brand-name, refurbished computers. What, you say – used computers?!? Before you close your mind to this, hear me out. There’s a place I’ve found called H&J Electronics. They sell refurbished Dell and HP brand computers. The selection varies daily, but I’ve purchased Dell Optiplex computers for as little as $129 (keyboard and mouse included – everything except the monitor). I recently bought several Dell Optiplex 775 computers with Windows 7 64-bit, for $289 each. Over the past two years I’ve purchased hundreds of similar computers for clients, and have yet to be disappointed. Only one of them was dead when I received it, and the company quickly sent out a whole new one at no extra cost.

I sometimes advise my clients to purchase an extra one or two. That way if one of the ones you get “dies” you have an instant replacement that is the same make and model as the others. And even with buying an extra, you still save a lot.

Check out their website below – especially the “off lease” menu selections. Preston McDonald is the Managing Partner of H&J, and a really nice guy. Tell him I said hi.

H&J Website – http://askchip.com